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Squarell now also supports the Volkswagen e-Crafter
Posted by Don Ottenhof on 06 January 2021 04:01 PM

Squarell added support for Volkswagen e-Crafter (built in 2017 and newer). The e-Crafter is an emission-free, full electric light commercial vehicle. Check the Support Portal for the vehicle parameters available for this and all other supported EVs and vehicle models.

If you are looking for specific vehicle data for the Volkswagen e-Crafter, Squarell can be of assistance. We will help you solve all your telematics matters regarding optimizing fleet management.


We recommend the following solutions for the e-Crafter and similar commercial vehicles. In addition, you can contact us for tailor-made solutions.

Our field engineers are continuously scanning new vehicles in order to add them to our supported vehicle lists. Do you want support for a specific vehicle? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Release of new standard Squarell trucks DCF (version 201223)
Posted by Danny van Zijl on 28 December 2020 05:11 PM

Dear customers,

We have released new versions of the Squarell Trucks DCF:

  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-000000-201223CL.DCF
  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-EDR000-201223CL.DCF
  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-FMS000-201223CL.DCF
  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-ISO11992-201223CL.DCF
  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-PCAN00-201223CL.DCF
  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-TDT000-201223CL.DCF
  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-TPT000-201223CL.DCF


These DCFs are now available on iControl. The new release contains new features and bug fixes. 

IMPORTANT: Your device requires the latest firmware version v52, Please contact your local account manager or our support portal for more information.


Key points:


  • Fix on cruise control state
  • Fix on Tire pressure parameters
  • Added the possibility of switching off/on time send via CAN(FEE6) with RTD activated (prevents some dashboard from staying active draining the battery as a result)
  • Tell tale Updated to newest standard
  • Tacho first routine improved
  • MBA gear (1-16) fixed
  • Gaseous fuel use added
  • Gaseous gas flow rate added
  • Engine Brake lamp active added (FD05)
  • Securityflags2 and setparser2 message removed
  • Set TFU offset scaling changed
  • Added $DAPactive Message
  • Check data length on Stoneridge k-line


Please contact us if you have any questions.


Best regards,

Squarell Technical Department

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The REMOTE is Squarell’s latest telematics device and modem in one
Posted by Lex van der Linden on 15 December 2020 08:00 AM

Squarell presents the REMOTE: an all-in-one telematics device combining a vehicle data interface with a modem.


  • A modem with GPS tracking capability;

  • A Squarell vehicle data interface for high-quality vehicle data processing;

  • Wide range of parameters support for all your vehicles;

  • Expandable with advanced Squarell solutions;

  • Control and ownership of your data.

The REMOTE is Squarell’s latest telematics device and modem in one

Recommended advanced solutions for the REMOTE


Advanced Tell Tales

Get remote insight into warning signals that are currently visible on your drivers’ dashboard.

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Remote Tacho Download

Download real-time tachograph data remotely to your fleet management platform.

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iControl: The all-in-one software solution
Posted by Don Ottenhof on 12 November 2020 12:03 PM

We are proud to present you the new software suite iControl.

The all-in-one software solution to make your Squarell vehicle data interface ready for use.

The software suite contains:

  • Upload: upload firmware and hardware profiles to the Squarell device (previously known as iUpload),
  • Check: check the device and vehicle parameter data (previously known as iCheck),
  • Configure: send and receive messages to and from the device and configure settings (previously known as Docklight).

iControl is the ideal companion for Squarell's latest product, the REMOTE: the one box solution that combines a vehicle data interface with modem functionality.

Download iControl here

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New version of iUpload available
Posted by Don Ottenhof on 10 January 2020 12:09 PM

As you may have noticed, it is not possible to synchronize with iUpload 2.7.7 or an older version. This is because Squarell recently improved its security and iUpload 2.7.7 or older were unfortunately unable to handle the new security systems. We have developed iUpload 2.7.8 where everything works as it should.


Unfortunately it is not possible to update iUpload automatically so this will have to be done manually. We therefore ask all customers to download the latest version of iUpload.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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