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Holiday Closures | Spring 2023
Posted by Don Ottenhof on 25 April 2023 10:37 AM

Dear customers,


We would like to inform you that, due to national holidays, our support desk will be closed on:

Thursday April 27th (King's Birthday)

Thursday May 18th (Ascension Day)

Monday May 29th (Whit Monday)


Thank you for your understanding.
Squarell Support

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Real-time insight into LHV axle loads
Posted by Don Ottenhof on 24 November 2022 03:20 PM

One of the requirements for transport with Long Heavy Vehicles (LHVs) in the Netherlands and Belgium is being able to demonstrate how heavy the vehicle is on the road. As it is not always possible to drive an LHV to a weighbridge, Prometheus has developed a software solution together with Squarell Technology that provides real-time insight into all axle loads.


This solution makes it possible to use different vehicle combinations and to show the axle loads in real time to the driver in the cabin. In Belgium, for example, a permit is granted on the basis of the information shown and not every vehicle or vehicle combination has to be inspected separately. In addition to insight into the axle loads and the route driven, this gives the planner the freedom to use any of the available trailers or trailer combination.


It works like this; both the tractor and trailer have a CAN bus, the system by which all of the electronic devices in that vehicle/trailer communicate with each other. The data from CAN buses of both trailers are combined by the Squarell device into a bluetooth message that is sent to the Prometheus portal. This portal makes this information available on both it’s mobile solution in the vehicle, and on the telematics portal available in the office.


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Total Charged Energy parameter
Posted by Don Ottenhof on 09 May 2022 09:28 AM

Dear customers,


From now on, we support the "Total Charged Energy" parameter on electric vehicles. This is the total charged energy calculated from vehicle data. 

On many vehicles, this parameter is not available on the vehicle CAN Bus. In a large part of these cases Squarell can calculate this parameter, so that it is still supported. 

You can see in our vehicle support matrix which vehicles has this parameter supported:

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FOTA server temporarily out of service
Posted by Don Ottenhof on 22 March 2022 01:53 PM

Dear Customer,

The Squarell FOTA server is temporarily out of service.
It is still unknown when it will be up and running again.
We will keep you informed.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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New Vehicle Support Matrix
Posted by Don Ottenhof on 10 March 2022 05:04 PM

Dear customers,


We would like to announce that our new matrix is online.

You can find it on the Squarell website:


A list of recently added vehicles will be displayed on the main page when the matrix is filled with new vehicles.

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REMOTE | Change in meta data
Posted by Don Ottenhof on 24 February 2022 09:41 AM

Dear customers,


Be aware that from Firmware 78, the meta data of the REMOTE has been extended with "Altitude".

You can find the change in the Squarell REMOTE protocol description chapter 4.3.3:

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