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Release of new standard Squarell trucks DCF (version 201223)
Posted by Danny van Zijl on 28 December 2020 05:11 PM

Dear customers,

We have released new versions of the Squarell Trucks DCF:

  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-000000-201223CL.DCF
  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-EDR000-201223CL.DCF
  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-FMS000-201223CL.DCF
  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-ISO11992-201223CL.DCF
  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-PCAN00-201223CL.DCF
  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-TDT000-201223CL.DCF
  • SQU-8000-TRKS-256K-FW52-TPT000-201223CL.DCF


These DCFs are now available on iControl. The new release contains new features and bug fixes. 

IMPORTANT: Your device requires the latest firmware version v52, Please contact your local account manager or our support portal for more information.


Key points:


  • Fix on cruise control state
  • Fix on Tire pressure parameters
  • Added the possibility of switching off/on time send via CAN(FEE6) with RTD activated (prevents some dashboard from staying active draining the battery as a result)
  • Tell tale Updated to newest standard
  • Tacho first routine improved
  • MBA gear (1-16) fixed
  • Gaseous fuel use added
  • Gaseous gas flow rate added
  • Engine Brake lamp active added (FD05)
  • Securityflags2 and setparser2 message removed
  • Set TFU offset scaling changed
  • Added $DAPactive Message
  • Check data length on Stoneridge k-line


Please contact us if you have any questions.


Best regards,

Squarell Technical Department