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RTD change Smart Tacho and new iUpload version
Posted by Don Ottenhof on 19 December 2019 10:57 AM

With the Smart Tacho/Tacho 4.0 there is a small change with the Remote Tacho Download.

Because we notice that a number of customers get stuck on this, we still want to share some information about this.

The answer sent to the tacho has changed. The tacho asks for a confirmation (PositiveResponse TransferData Technical Data). With the old tachographs, 05 was sent to the tachograph and 05 was answered by the tachograph. With the new tachographs, 05 is sent to the tachograph and 25 is answered by the tachograph (see page 17 of the document in the link). This (TRTP#2/TREP#2) has to be changed in your software.


A new version of iUpload (2.7.7.) is also online.

We have made an adjustment to iUpload so that customers can see which password they are entering. 

If the field is completely empty, the characters become visible until the field loses focus (the field leaves by clicking on something else).

If the field is empty and you click on it, the characters will also be visible. So if you clear the field and then control+c / control+v it should be visible what it says.


December 19th, 2019 | Support