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Squarell New Vehicle Support Matrix & Installation Instructions for Cars
Posted by Nayelli Hernandez on 03 January 2017 04:43 PM

Squarell has released a new Vehicle Support Matrix (Version 170103) & an updated Installation Instruction for Cars (Version 170103)

We are able to support now over 40 cars & vans extra that our Engineers have investigated over the last year.


On the new Vehicle Support Matrix you can find now more information, the important points are:

1. Vehicle Generation (OEM Model codes).

2. Availability of Installation Manuals. If there is installation instruction for the vehicle in question or if you need to contact the support department for more information & guidance for CANbus locations.

3. PSB merged into PSA. All the vehicles supported with the PSB DCF are now supported with the PSA DCF. All previous vehicles supported with the PSA stay the same. The PSB DCF will disappear from our Expertview & iUpload. 

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