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Posted by Squarell Technology on 09 December 2013 10:29 AM

The CANcliQ is Squarell’s non-intrusive contactless CANbus reader.

The Squarell CANcliQ reads vehicle signals without making a wire to wire connection. This technology guarantees that no intrusive signals are send to the vehicle CANbus. This eliminates liability matters, warrenty issues or possible wrong connections. 


- No direct CANbus connection

- One cable fits all vehicles

- 100% non-intrusive technology

- Safe and reliable reading of CANbus data

- No soldering, wire cutting or crimping

- No physical wire to wire connections

- Isolation of vehicle wires stays intact

- Quick installation

Squarell CANcliQ: The contactless CAN reader


For more information of our productcliQ here.