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How to change the CANbus Speed of my Squarell Device?
Posted by Squarell Support on 25 October 2013 10:16 AM

Flex or Solids:

8000 Series devices (Flex/Solid) have an automatic CANbus Speed detection mode. If it is required to be changed then CANbus Speed can be changed in Class 040 “CANbus port Select” in the DCF’s (software). 


Only for 66xx series:
• Open iConfigure.
• Go to “CAN Network” and “Interface Settings”. Select the correct COM port and click on “OK”.
• Go to Menu “CAN Network” and select the “Set device CANbus Speed”.
• When iConfigure connects to the CANbus, it checks what Squarell devices are connected on the CANbus. In this case you’ve connected multiple devices in the same CANbus, so you will see a list of the connected devices. Please select the correct device. If you have problems with connecting to the CANbus please check your connections? Otherwise go to the Troubleshoot section of the FAQ.
• Select the Squarell device that you want to change the CANbus speed of and click on “Set Speed”.
• In the appeared window you will be able to select the CANbus speed of the available CANbus. Some Squarell devices have more than one CANbus (CANbus 1 & CANbus 2). In these devices, it is possible to select the CANbus speed separately for each CANbus.

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