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Posted by Squarell Technology on 09 December 2013 10:26 AM

The DatacliQ is Squarell’s non-intrusive contactless CANbus/J1708/ISO11992 reader. The DatacliQ is a specialCANcliQ.The DatacliQ can be used as an extra cliQ to retrieve more data from the vehicle. The DatacliQ can be used on aCANbus,but also on aJ1708 busand anISO11992 bus.Just like the CANcliQ, the can be used to read from the direct vehicle CANbus, a J1708 bus or an ISO11992 bus without making a wire to wire connection. Installing a DatacliQ is easy and it does not harm the vehicle.


- No direct connection

- One cable fits all vehicles

- 100% non-intrusive technology

- Safe and reliable reading of data

- No soldering, wire cutting or crimping

- No physical wire to wire connections

- Isolation of vehicle wires stays intact

- Quick installation

Squarell DatacliQ: The contactless reader


For more information of our productcliQ here.