Posted by Squarell Support on 09 December 2013 10:25 AM

A DCF (Device Configuration File) is software for Squarell devices.

The file extension is also “*.dcf”. The configuration file describes how the device will handle the incoming and outgoing data.

The DCF’s (Device Configuration Files) are the software that go into the Squarell device. The functionality of each Squarell device is determined by the DCF that is loaded inside the device. Squarell develops standard DCF’s and can make customer specific DCF’s. Customers can use these DCF’s and load them with iUpload into the devices.

Standard each Squarell device is loaded with a Default DCF. When you order a Squarell Product to install inside a vehicle, Squarell configures the devices for the customer by loading the correct DCF. If you want to use the Squarell device for a different application, than the one you ordered it for, only then it needs to be reconfigured by loading the correct DCF.

Squarell developed standard DCF’s for the FLEX. All the standard DCF’s contain the Squarell code in their name. The code is “SQU”.

DCF names comply with the following standard: