Posted by Squarell Support on 09 December 2013 10:19 AM

SFDs (Special Function Devices) are devices that can be connected to a SFD port of a SOLID and a FLEX. 

The amount of SFD ports available depends on the Squarell product. 

Currently, there are five SFDs:

Driver Awareness Panel


The DAP challenges the driver in an intuitive manner to improve his or her driving behavior. It’s built-in algorithms take care of driver attention loss in the long run to ensure constant safety assistance. The driving assistance is meant to gain a better, safer, cleaner and more economical way of operating your fleet.

Fuel Level Sensor

The Fuel Level Sensor is a small device mounted in the truck near to the Squarell FMS interface. The cable to connect to the existing fuel level sensor on the tank is 6 meters long and can be extended or shortened if needed. The volume of the tank is divided in 250 steps. This means 4/10% accuracy. The Squarell Fuel Level Sensor always needs a Squarell interface device.

Bluetooth 2.1/4.0

The Squarell Bluetooth dongle is a very easy to install SFD (Special Function Device). The dongle can easily overtake the existing RS232 connection as the communication protocol stays the same. The vehicle data you used to receive via RS232 can now easily be sent to your Android smartphone.
When the driver is outside his vehicle, the Bluetooth device can lose connection. The Squarell BT dongle has an 8Mb buffer to store the vehicle data when the connection with the end device is lost.
The Bluetooth device is part of Squarell’s advanced vehicle data solutions and products range. With a configurable functionality and extended connectivity, the Squarell Bluetooth device can be used in various automotive applications such as telematics, fleet management, real-time monitoring, measurement and control/interfacing.

Trailer ID

The Squarell TrailerID solution comprises of 2 devices: Trailer Data Tranceiver and TrailerID Sender.

Trailer Data Tranceiver: A small and smart device in the tractor unit. A sense wire is connected to the brake light wire, two wires for power supply and two CAN J1939 wires as output for the TrailerID signal.

TrailerID Sender: A tiny sender connected to the brake light inside the rear lamp cluster of the trailer. The sender has just 2 wires connected to ground and brake signal wire. Pre-crimped connectors install the sender with ease.

DatacliQ CAN/SAE J1708/ISO 11992

With the DatacliQ, we can retrieve data from several sources continuing to offer better and more complete vehicle data solutions. While we ensure that retrieving vehicle data is non-intrusive, we offer a more complete and rich user experience.

At this moment Squarell has DatacliQ’s available to read CANbus, J1708 or ISO11992.