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I’ve made a new installation into a vehicle, but I don’t get any data (only zero’s). What could be the problem?
Posted by Squarell Support on 09 December 2013 10:11 AM

No data from the device could have multiple reasons, but here are the most common:
- CANcliq is installed on the incorrect wires (please check the installation sheet).
- Incorrect DCF (software) is loaded into the device. Please load the correct DCF (software) using the iUpload or iConfigure program.
- Baudrate of the modem is set incorrectly (please check the Squarell protocol to see what’s the correct baudrate).
Only for CANbus output: termination on CANbus 1 is incorrect (measure and check the resistance between white and blue wires, with no power to the device or modem, this should be 60 Ohms).
- Vehicle is not supported yet. Please contact our online support desk to verify this. If the vehicle is not supported and you would like to have this investigated, please contact your local Squarell account manager.

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