Is FMS the same on every truck?
Posted by Squarell Support on 09 December 2013 10:02 AM

The FMS CANbus standard is an agreement between the European commercial vehicle manufacturers to standardize vehicle information from the truck and bus.

The goal is to provide means to get vehicle information for transport companies and interested parties in a known and standardized way. The technology for this information is CANbus.

The FMS CANbus is now available on European truck brands like:
• Mercedes Benz
• Scania
• Volvo
• Iveco
• Renault

We have noticed that every truck brand with the FMS standard is not fully supporting the full set of information. We also see that truck manufacturers are providing other (extra) vehicle information over the CANbus.

The situation looks like this:

Requirements per brand
We have knowledge of the brands and models where FMS CANbus is available, and which functions can be used. Also parts information, connector types and availability information is.

To use FMS CANbus on your truck you’ll need a brand specific FMS interface. These FMS interfaces have different names in every brand. We have noticed that at this moment the service networks are not aware of the FMS standard, so if you ask them about FMS, they will not find it in their workshop systems or handbooks. For every brand the interface box has a specific name. Usually with help from the factory or importer/central distributor the right information can be obtained.

FMS standard deviations
FMS standard not fully supported:
• Trucks are not equipped with the right sensors. (Axle weight)
• Trucks need a new version of the internal CANbus systems
• Commercial interest to introduce FMS functions step by step

Providing other CANbus information:
• Some manufacturers provided CANbus functions before the FMS standardization, and based some solutions on it. We have to hope that this information will not be withdrawn.
• CANbus implementations in the vehicles already provide a lot of CANbus information.
• With just FMS standard some customer oriented features can’t be supported, like actual values. By providing more data, more customer focused solutions can be built.
• In the vehicle information concept, body builder companies can use that CANbus to integrate better with the truck. Some brands already have such infrastructure in place.
• It depends on truck configuration is other messages are available. For example, PTO data can only
be available when PTO is mounted (only certain versions) same with ESP, Automatic gearshift and Cruise control signals.

• Usually it’s possible to fit FMS after manufacturing of the truck. Most of the times this is around 50% more expensive than OEM fitted FMS interfaces. Not for Squarell FMS interfaces!


We help you out!
Squarell helps customers to use FMS CANbus efficiently by supporting projects and counseling. You can contact us to help you with CANbus.

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