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iControl 3.1.6
Posted by Squarell Support on 12 November 2020 11:59 AM

The all-in-one software solution to make your Squarell vehicle data interface ready for use.

The software suite contains:

  • Upload: upload firmware and hardware profiles to the Squarell device (previously known as iUpload),
  • Check: check the device and vehicle parameter data (previously known as iCheck),
  • Configure: send and receive messages to and from the device and configure settings (previously known as Docklight).

iControl is the ideal companion for Squarell's latest product, the REMOTE: the one box solution that combines a vehicle data interface with modem functionality.

 icontrol user manual 201202.pdf (2.15 MB)
 squarell_icontrol_setup_3.1.6.exe (4.13 MB)