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Why do Squarell devices send invalidated Total Vehicle Distance / Total Fuel Used / Total Engine Hours?
Posted by Squarell Support on 25 October 2013 10:42 AM

The Squarell Devices can read CANbus parameters from the vehicle CANbus. If some CANbus parameters (like Total Vehicle Distance, Total Fuel Used and Total Engine Hours) are not supported by the vehicle CANbus, Squarell Devices can still calculate these parameters using other CANbus parameters.  In that case all calculated CANbus parameters will start from 0 and counting up.

If you don’t want to start with 0, a message is implemented to set the total values to the required values. Please consult the protocol descriptions for more details.

The Squarell devices store all calculated parameters in the stored memory. This data is not lost when the power of the devices goes off.

When a Squarell device is connected to a vehicle CANbus and some parameters are not supported by the vehicle CANbus it will detect that and start automatically with calculations. If you remove this Squarell device from the vehicle and install this device into another vehicle without cleaning the device from the old data, the device will continue with counting up from the old values.


To prevent this incorrect data, Squarell devices must be cleaned from the old data every time when it is connected to another vehicle. You can do this by loading a Reset.dcf software file to the device.

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