How to make a CANbus Scan iUpload.
Posted by Squarell Support on 04 May 2015 02:54 PM

Before you can make a scan of the vehicle CANbus, you’ll need to find correct CANbus wires first. These are some helpful points to look for:

- Pair of twisted wires.
- CAN_H voltage against ground: 2,5-3,5V
- CAN_L voltage against ground: 1,5-2,5V
- Resistance between wires is 60 Ohms (when powered down)

The big advantage of scanning a CANbus using iUpload is that you can scan the CANbus contactless, using the CANcliq. This means can easily click onto the CANbus without making wire-to-wire connections to the CANbus. 

How to use iUpload for CANbus/J1708/ISO11992 scanning. (Please read iUpload Manual paragraph 4 (4.3). This explains how to use iUpload):
1. Connect and Power the Squarell device and make sure the CANcliq is on the correct wires.
2. Click on 'Read Devices'.
3. Click on the device serialnumber you want to use for scanning.
4. Click on 'SFD Devices'. A new window pops up in which you can see all port ID's.
5. Please select the correct ID (please refer to below table).
6. Click on 'Start'. If the ignition of the vehicle is ON, you should now see the messages coming in.

<wait some time and make all the actions you want to record>

7. If you are ready, click on 'Log'. A new window appears with a text file.
8. Save this text file to location you would like to use.

Port ID Hardware name
102 CANcliq
180 DataCliq for CANbus
181 DataCliq for CANbus
190 DataCliq for ISO11992
201 J1708 wires (Red/Green)
280 DataCliq for J1708


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