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I cannot load DCF into my device and iUpload is showing "no profile".
Posted by Squarell Support on 05 June 2014 09:06 AM

When trying to load a DCF to the device using iUpload, it can happen that iUpload refuses the DCF after the device has restarted and comes back with the message "Updating device failed". Also when you click on "Read devices", iUpload shows "no profile". This problem could be caused by the fact that you've connected CAN_1 channel (blue/white) to CAN_2 channel (green/yellow). This setup is used in the Telematics Development Kit (TDK) setup to simulate vehicle data.

Solution: Temporarily disconnect CAN_1 (blue/white) from CAN_2 (green/yellow) and click "Read Devices" in iUpload again. The profile of the device should now be visible again. You now can download the DCF to the device.

After loading the DCF to the device, you can re-install the original hardware setup again.

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