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Squarell Certified Installer Course
Posted by Squarell Technology on 06 January 2014 09:12 AM

Knowhow and training are key elements for quality installs of our equipment. Therefore we launch offer CANbus training services for installers, technicians and service engineers. In a one day training course the principles of CANbus, vehicle data, Squarell products and perfect, verified installations are covered. The training ends with an exam and a certification.

Certified installers can rely on priority support, the unique Squarell Installation Instructions handbook and special web based services.

Goal of Certifying Installers

  • CANbus base knowhow 
  • Understanding Squarell products
  • Service tasks Squarell
  • Problem solving on Squarell installs
  • Perfect installations

Value of certificate

  • Free Helpdesk support
  • Installation manuals, Updates, fixes, technical info
  • Referencing on website
  • Work referral for independent installers


  • For just €450,- per person you get the knowledge, software tools and support
  • One day training (English), duration 2 * 3,5 hours.
  • Lunch, tea and coffee are included.
  • Venue: near an international airport, or on request possible in condition of  the minimum required amount of attendees also on your company address.

Please inquire your account manager for our training course possibilities.

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