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How to configure the iLogCAN DataLogger?
Posted by Squarell Support on 25 October 2013 10:16 AM

The iLogCAN is easily configured by copying the DCF (software) file on the Flash disk of the device. Please connect the iLogCAN to your PC via USB cable. Power up the device via CANbus port. PC will recognize the iLogCAN and will be visible as a flash disk under My Computer.


Copy the DCF (software) file on the Flash disk of the device.


Re-power the device,  it will take over de DCF (software) file from the Flash disk and remove the DCF (software) file from the Flash disk.2. The iLogCAN is configured via  iConfigure program. iConfigure can be downloaded from the Download section of our website. On this page you can also download a User Manual which describes the use of the tool. To use the software a license key is required. This key can be requested by sending your license request code to


Please note that because the iLogCAN does not have a RS232 port, another Squarell device (6602, 6603, etc…) with RS232 and CANbus port is needed. By connecting the RS232 port to the PC and the CANbus wires of the interface device to the iLogCAN, you can load the DCF (software)  into the iLogCAN. Please be aware that both devices are powered.

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